Next level preventive security

From vulnerability detection to
vulnerability management

NorthX provides the technology, processes and services to effectively manage threats and vulnerabilities on your network.

The benefit
Removing vulnerabilities on your network is a very effective way of protecting against cyber threats.

The objective
Make complex vulnerability and risk information simple and available to the right people, so you mitigate the vulnerabilities that matters, when they matter.

The means
A single pane of glass presenting an enriched view of all your assets, all your vulnerabilities and supplemented by intelligent threat intelligence - and integrated with your ticket management and reporting platforms of choice.

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NorthX is certified Qualys partner in
Denmark, Sweden and Norway

Our services

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Partner up with niche experience. We developed a vulnerability management framework that defines the essential functions and processes, saving you months or years in trial and error.

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Tools & Technology

Certified specialists cover all aspects of your investment in vulnerability management technology. The technology landscape should be as simple as possible, but no more than that. We guide you to the best combination of tools for your particular requirements.

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Managed Services

With vulnerability-management-as-a-service, vulnerability management is integrated with your security and operations teams. Service items include all five key areas of vulnerability management, and the entire service is built on Qualys Cloud Platform.

The NorthX Framework

Our consultants are experts in all disciplines of your vulnerability management project, and we can execute on all project elements: from planning and project management through system design, technical and organizational implementation.

The NorthX vulnerability management framework provides the basis for our professional services - covering all essential disciplines such as asset discovery and management, vulnerability prioritization, reporting, remediation and more.

To accelerate deployment and optimization, NorthX provide hands-on, operational templates defining information required: no guesswork or reinventing the wheel.

A certified Qualys technology partner, we have the skills to plan, deploy, configure, operate and support the best vulnerability management technology suite on the market.


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