From vulnerability identification to vulnerability management

NorthX provides the technology, processes and services to effectively manage threats and vulnerabilities on your network.

75% of all cyberattacks exploit known vulnerabilities in their kill chain. When the organization is unaware of critical vulnerabilities, the door is left wide open for cybercriminals.

That is why intelligent management of technical vulnerabilities is a cornerstone in any effective cybersecurity program.

What we do




Consulting services to help you implement effective vulnerability management programs.

Drawing from years of experience enabling better vulnerability management, we have developed our own, end-to-end vulnerability management framework.

This provides an easy way to define how your vulnerability management function will work best, including governance, process definition, tool support, documentation and more.

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Our certified specialists cover all aspects of your investment in vulnerability management technology.

The technology landscape should be as simple as possible, but no more than that. Let us help define the best combination of tools for your particular requirements.

We make things easy before, during and after the procurement process. Whether you need a security assessment, data processing agreement or just a competitive quote, it's ready to go.

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[Managed services]

If you want results without the hassle, we can do it for you. With vulnerability-management-as-a-service, we can integrate with your security and operations teams to deliver your vulnerability management function.

Service items include all five key areas of vulnerability management, and the entire service is built on Qualys cloud platform. We automate whenever possible, to provide a fast and predictable service.

With the right input from your team, we generate enriched asset data and contextual information, that will be of significant value to the rest of your IT function.

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NorthX is proud to be certified Qualys partner in
Denmark, Sweden and Norway

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The NorthX Framework

Our consultants are experts in all disciplines of your vulnerability management project, and we can execute on all project elements: from planning and project management through system design, technical and organizational implementation.

The NorthX vulnerability management framework provides the basis for our professional services - covering all essential disciplines such as asset discovery and management, vulnerability prioritization, reporting, remediation and more.

To accelerate deployment and optimization, NorthX provide hands-on, operational templates defining information required: no guesswork or reinventing the wheel.

A certified Qualys technology partner, we have the skills to plan, deploy, configure, operate and support the best vulnerability management technology suite on the market.


What is Vulnerability Management?

Known vulnerabilities with a known mitigation in standard software are frequently exploited in most cyberattacks. This is true for targeted attacks as well as random incidents such as ransomware and phishing incidents.

If vulnerabilities are discovered and remediated, the risk of compromise is dramatically reduced. This is where a successful vulnerability management program comes into the picture.

However, many organizations struggle with the implementation of an effective vulnerability management practice. From our experience, the most cited reasons are:

  • Organizations drown in vulnerabilities without an effective data structure and prioritization model
  • Assets not being known and/or managed by patching teams
  • Assumption that “up to date with Microsoft patches” remediates all vulnerabilities
  • Patch responsibility was not clear, especially above the operating system layer
  • No remediation validation checks are performed after a patch cycle

Our mission is to implement the technology, processes and practices required to address these challenges - ensuring that vulnerabilities are discovered, prioritized and remediated following a risk-based approach.

We help you succeed through our Consulting services, or by providing vulnerability management as a managed service, covering the entire lifecycle.


Managed services

Vulnerability management services

Leveraging our experience from Consulting, we crafted a portfolio of managed vulnerability managed services, all designed to transform complexity into actionable knowledge.

Our managed services incorporate the entire lifecycle of vulnerability management – from asset discovery through scanning and prioritization to remediation, validation checks and reporting. And due to all the essential data we collect in the process, the same services can be utilized improve your asset management, compliance, and related costs.

Depending on needs, we provide diverse service levels with an intelligent mix of service components. All managed services are built on the Qualys Cloud Platform, the leading vulnerability management technology suite.

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