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Services to secure your business

NorthX works with industry-leading software vendors to provide best-in-class vulnerability management services. Our services are designed to integrate with and enhance your existing organization by bringing the visibility and transparency needed to reduce risk and drive down cost.

Managed services benefits

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Vulnerability management lifecycle solution with everything you need.

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Built on best-in-class technology powered by Qualys.

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Service enablement follows our efficient delivery model.

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Reliable solution that scales with your business.

Not everybody is the same

Cybersecurity is not “one size fits all”.

NorthX managed services are customized to fit the needs of your organization, now and in the future. By default, we deliver in three service levels, and within each level you can customize the solution components.

Below is a snippet of components included in managed services – get in touch for a complete review of the services and how they interact to reduce risk.

Service components

Components Technology (1)


Managed services are built on Qualys Cloud Platform, which is included in the subscription cost.

Components Recon (1)


Hunting for and classifying new vulnerable assets is a cornerstone of our service delivery.

Components Scanning (1)

Comprehensive scanning

We scan your entire asset portfolio at set intervals and monitor scan performance and authentication failures.

Components Context (1)


We gather and maintain information about asset criticality, to support risk-based prioritization.

Components Reporting (1)

Intelligent reporting

Targeted reports matching the needs of the receiving audience are included out of the box.

Components Improve (1)

Service improvement

As part of the service, we facilitate ongoing reviews and catalogue improvement ideas.

Supports your entire cybersecurity program

NorthX managed services are not meant to operate in isolation.

As we build an increasingly complete inventory of your network, understand your assets and vulnerabilities better, we continuously produce data that is valuable to other functions across your organization.

Asset management practices will benefit from comprehensive scanning techniques as we enrich and normalize essential asset data. Incident Response teams will value the up to date view of known vulnerabilities on assets of interest; Deployment teams will benefit from easy pre-deployment vulnerability assessments; And Patching teams will appreciate specific and prioritized targets of high-priority vulnerabilities to avoid costly emergency patch campaigns.

Cooperating and interacting with relevant teams in  your organization is a cornerstone of our managed services and is built into the core service design.

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Managed services

Easy does not mean simple

Building our managed services on top of Qualys Cloud Platform, the leading and most feature-complete vulnerability management suite, allows us to quickly enable service delivery.

And our proven service enablement framework provides an end to end view of the service enablement from day one. The NorthX framework defines what data are needed when, which format works best and provide illustrative examples of outputs.

These are the keys to providing high quality and value-adding services on complex networks.

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