New possibilities

As of December 2022, NorthX has been approved as a vendor to the Danish public sector.

Published December 1st 2022

NorthX becomes approved vendor to the Danish public sector


NorthX takes another step forward by becoming an approved vendor to the Danish public sector.

Through Statens og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice, abbreviated SKI, any entity under the public sector in Denmark can now procure our unique cybersecurity consulting, and the best-of-breed vulnerability management software Qualys Cloud Platform.


As cybersecurity regulations are tightened and global threats are evolving, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many public institutions to appropriately secure their data and operations.

By entering this framework agreement, we will be able to help a significant number of organizations, large and small, to vastly increase their cybersecurity posture.


Any organization with something to protect needs a balance between preventive and reactive measures, and vulnerability management is a key preventive discipline.

In this scenario, NorthX can not only provide crucial experience from implementing large vulnerability management programs, we can also provide a valuable service that identifies and remediates vulnerabilities quickly, directly on customer networks and assets.


For more information, contact Ronni Hessellund.