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Ambition and integrity

We are not your typical cybersecurity startup, as our DNA is consulting.

We founded NorthX to utilize decades of experience across various customer environments and industries in all sizes. Our founders are experienced consultants, used to make a difference in complex and high-paced organizations.

We commit ourselves to deliver quality solutions of the highest standard. Quality and time-to-market goes hand in hand, and it is embedded deep into the culture of NorthX.

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About NorthX

NorthX was founded because we have been in your shoes. We know from personal experience how difficult it is to unite policies and requirements with on-the-ground, day-in-day-out vulnerability management. We have learned the hard way why asset reconnaissance and intelligent prioritization is so fundamental.

We founded NorthX in early 2020, quickly found a customer base that proved our idea was sustainable and began evolving our methodology. Like everyone else, the corona pandemic did impact us, but we were fortunate enough to grow our business - expanding the team and polishing the framework.

2022 is looking good. As the world is recovering, we find that customers have a strengthened focus on cybersecurity and are unwilling to accept risks borne from technical vulnerabilities. At the same time, we are engaging team members outside of Scandinavia, allowing us to expand at geographically at a sustainable pace.

We are excited to talk to anyone who is interested in vulnerability management. Whether you want to get in touch to understand how we can make a difference for your organization, or if you are drawn towards the idea of joining our team.


Ronni Hessellund


John Akselbo