Manage complexity, manage security

We provide consulting resources to plan, manage and deliver succesfull vulnerability management projects. Consulting is in our DNA, and we distil and reuse experience from previous engagements to accelerate your vulnerability management program.

Our consultants cover the entire range, including process optimization, change management, technology deployment and implementation to improve vulnerability management performance. No matter how complex your challenge is, NorthX can help you realize your objectives.

Our approach

The key to any successful project is to shorten the learning curve: when you’re done, you know what you should have done. Our unique selling point is that we have done this before, we made the mistakes, and we learned from them. This is now up for your organization to use.

The NorthX Framework is the essence of our collective experience. A unique framework that describes the phases of an efficient vulnerability management project and contains prescriptive best practices for the daily vulnerability management operations.

A critical lesson, valid for all cybersecurity projects: you must know your assets to secure them.
If asset inventories are incomplete, you will have coverage gaps in your security posture. This leaves your environment in the dark and unprotected.

When designing the NorthX framework, we emphasized efforts on ensuring complete vulnerability scanning coverage.  All findings feed into our prioritization methodology and enables you to utilize the produced data in other parts of your organization.


Know and understand your assets

Through our Asset Management framework,
we provide tools and methodology to give you
the necessary insight into assets on your
network and their impact on security.


Prioritize your effort

The identification of vulnerabilities posing the highest security risk is key. The NorthX approach distances us from the overwhelming “numbers game” by applying a risk-based approach that enables your organization to remediate the most critical and urgent vulnerabilities.


Eliminate security risks

Our background in IT operations puts us at an advantage when it’s time to mitigate vulnerabilities. Whether the patch or configuration responsible teams are in-house or outsourced, we can help you ensure that vulnerabilities are mitigated smoothly at the right pace.


Technology is important

Even the best designed processes fail without proper technology support.
The Qualys Cloud Platform is the most feature-complete and coherent solution for vulnerability management. We are proud to work strategically with Qualys, which allows us to develop solutions that delivers value and makes a real difference in organizations.

Identifying process problems and deficiencies, designing effective answers, and making it all work in a single technology package is a real game changer.

Our methodology for implementing Qualys Cloud Platform ensures that you realize benefits from day one. The tried-and-true NorthX implementation framework covers all aspects of the Qualys deployment and implementation to increase speed and quality.

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How we are different

In a single sentence: Vulnerability management is all we do.

Vulnerability management is often offered as a discipline under a Security Operations Center (SOC), especially if delivered by a larger service provider. But doing vulnerability management effectively requires multiple disciplines working together, which is difficult in such an operating model.

NorthX was founded to do just one thing, and one thing only. We combine the focus of a niche provider with decades of experience from both the service provider and customer perspectives.

The projects we deliver combine these elements:

  • Asset identification, tracking and contextualization
  • Designating critical assets and tier-based prioritization
  • Detailed verification of remediation responsibility ownership
  • Reworking security governance to facilitate vulnerability management
  • Patch governance and remediation processes
  • Vulnerability assessment and validation tracking practices
  • Role-based vulnerability reporting for multiple audiences
  • Risk assessment and compliance functions
  • Checking for application blind spots in vulnerability technology
  • Configuration baselining and compliance assessment
  • Technology design, deployment and configuration

The NorthX framework target all areas of the infrastructure: Servers, workstations, network equipment, databases, access control systems, applications, cloud platforms, containers, IoT, production IT systems and so on – all are embedded into an efficient model that works to your advantage.

Our framework is template-based and consists of the material needed to reliably perform the planning and execution of complicated vulnerability management projects.

Let us discuss your security posture how our framework can reduce your security risks!

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